The following position papers have been accepted for presentation at the workshop:

  1. Yasuyuki Kono and Yuki Tanaka. A Wearable Handwriting System for Time-Warping Collocation.
  2. Alain Shema and Yun Huang. Indoor Collocation – Exploring the Ultralocal Context.
  3. Tero Jokela, Parisa Pour Rezaei, and Kaisa Väänänen. Using Elicitation Studies to Generate Collocated Interaction Methods.
  4. Paul Worgan, Jarrod Knibbe, Mike Fraser, and Diego Martinez Placencia. Mobile energy sharing futures.
  5. Audrey Serna, Lili Tong,  Aurélien Tabard, Simon Pageau, and Sébastien George . F-formations and Collaboration Dynamics Study for Designing Mobile Collocation.

Participants are required to read all accepted submissions ahead of the workshop to help ground the discussion.