Andrés Lucero

Funky-Design-Spaces · Design Studio Vision

The funky-design-spaces is a vision for a new holistic design studio, a comfortable environment that facilitates creative thinking in designers. The funky-design-spaces consist of interconnected tools that encourage breaking the rhythm and stimulate designers to perform activities away from their desks.

The funky-design-spaces are set in natural surroundings where designers can disconnect from the world and come back with a fresh mind. For example, designers can go into the deep woods or walk along the canal during work hours to re-energize. The dome-like shape of the environment is an open invitation to leave behind current conceptions of what a design studio is and think of new inspiring buildings that house the funky-design-spaces. Within this larger context, a houseboat on the canal or a greenhouse in the forest could become good examples of design studios that house the funky-design-spaces. Large windows provide a direct view on the natural surroundings and allow natural light to energize designers.

Once inside, the funky-design-spaces create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where designers can engage in individual activities as well as creative collaboration. Designers feel that they belong to a larger team but they can also have a moment for themselves when needed. Adjustable multi-purpose surfaces can be used to easily display and share information. These surfaces can be assigned for different uses.

Storing and moving information between these different tools or spaces should also be made in a simple way to avoid breaking the creative process. Designers have a ball that they can bounce on a surface (e.g. wall) to collect information that is being displayed there. Then, designers can move to any other surface (e.g. table) and then roll the ball on the surface to display the contained information (e.g. images, audio, text, etc.).