Andrés Lucero is an Associate Professor of interaction design at the University of Southern Denmark in Kolding. His recent work at Nokia focused on the design and evaluation of novel interaction techniques for mobile collocated interactions. He has recently co-organized successful workshops on ‘Interactive City Lighting’ and ‘Organic Experiences’ at CHI ’13, and ‘Collaboration Meets Interactive Surfaces’ at ITS ’13.

James Clawson is a Post-Doc in the GVU Center and the School of Interactive Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is an active mobile HCI researcher, studying how collocated groups of people use mobile devices to augment their face-to-face experiences. He co-organized the first Mobile Collocated Interactions workshop at MobileHCI ’11.

Kent Lyons is a Principal Research Scientist at Yahoo Labs. His work focuses on creating novel technologies for wearables, mobile, and ubiquitous computing devices. He does this by creating interactive systems using wearable technologies like watches and near-eye displays. He has also built and studied fundamental interaction techniques including text entry and pointing for wearables. This research often spans hardware, firmware, mobile and multi-device technologies.

Joel Fischer is a Research Fellow at the Mixed Reality Lab at the University of Nottingham. His work has focused on designing mobile group experiences, particularly the role of group notifications and its social implications. He has co-organized related workshops on designing collocated group interactions at ECSCW ’13 and NordiCHI ’14, which has led to developing a design framework for collocated interaction (CSCW ’15).

Daniel Ashbrook is an assistant professor in the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology. His past work has concentrated on new interfaces for mobile devices and wearables, with the goal of helping the user attend more to the real world and less to screens. His recent work examines how digital fabrication devices such as laser cutters and 3D printers can be made easier for non-experts.

Simon Robinson is a Research Officer at Swansea University. His work focuses on the human side of mobile interaction, arguing for heads-up and real world-focused approaches. His recent book (“There’s Not an App for That: Mobile User Experience Design for Life”, with Gary Marsden and Matt Jones) explores how we can create these types of interactions, rather than mobiles that get in the way of everyday life.