The following position papers have been accepted for presentation at the workshop:

  1. Ioannis Giannopoulos, Peter Kiefer, and Martin Raubal. Watch What I Am Looking At! Eye Gaze and Head-Mounted Displays.
  2. Ahmed Kharrufa, Bradley Pursglove, Phil Heslop, Nils Hammerla, Diana Nowacka, and Patrick Olivier. TOUCHI: Online Touch User Identification Through Wrist-worn Inertial Measurement Units.
  3. Thomas Olsson, Pradthana Jarusriboonchai, and Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila. Towards Wearable Displays Aiming to Enhance Social Interaction.
  4. Michael Nebeling. Harnessing Multiple Devices and Crowds for Richer Productivity Tasks on Small Mobile Devices.
  5. Pin Sym Foong, and Simon T. Perrault. Collocated Interaction with Wearable Devices: New Output Strategies.
  6. Steven Houben, Frederik Brudy, and Nicolai Marquardt. Challenges in Watch-Centric Cross- Device Applications.
  7. Martin Porcheron, and Joel E. Fischer Mobile Behaviours Around Social Collocated Interactions.
  8. Lesley Fosh. Supporting Socially Coherent, Personalized Experiences for Groups in Museums and Galleries.
  9. Debbie Gijsbrechts, Stein Smeets, Jacqueline Galeazzi, Juan José Martín Miralles, Jo Vermeulen, and Johannes Schöning. ShareABeat: Augmenting Media Shared Through Social Platforms with Empathic Annotations.
  10. Marcos Serrano, Khalad Hasan, Barrett Ens, Xing-Dong Yang, and Pourang P. Irani. Smartwatches + Head-Worn Displays: the ‘New’ Smartphone.
  11. Frederik Brudy, Nicolai Marquardt, Hans-Christian Jetter, Steven Houben, Abigail Sellen, and Yvonne Rogers. Supporting Collaborative Curation of Historic Documents with Mobile Ad Hoc Cross-Device Interactions.
  12. James R. Eagan, and Marc-Emmanuel Perrin. Mobile instruments for multi-surface interaction.
  13. Aslak Wegner Eide, Petter Bae Brandtzæg, and Antoine Pultier. Towards Collocated Mapping of Real-World Events Using Mobile and Wearable Devices.
  14. Tero Jokela, Ming Ki Chong, Andrés Lucero, and Hans Gellersen. Towards Spontaneous Group Binding with Wearable Devices.

Participants are please required to read all accepted submissions ahead of the workshop to help ground the discussion.